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ZEHNTAUSENDGRAD is active throughout Europe as a video agency for PATRIZIA AG.  


Two successful companies

The internationally renowned company has chosen our power team from ZEHNTAUSENDGRAD for the conception and implementation of digital video communication. 

In the area of internal and external communication, the company, together with ZEHNTAUSENDGRAD, focuses especially on visual content. We are responsible for consulting, conception of video formats, content ideas, a detailed guide and many international productions. 


As a global partner for real estate investments in Europe, the company acts Europe-wide for large institutional investors as well as for private investors. PATRIZIA currently manages real estate assets of around 44 billion euros. 


Their activities include the purchase, management, value optimization and sale of residential and commercial real estate. 


The company uses the power of video to present their business internally as well as externally. The transmission of information for potential investors, business partners, as well as for current and future employees must be prepared in a highly professional and appealing manner. A comprehensible and appealing video strategy is also extremely important for external communication in order to be able to inform outsiders about complex issues. 


Especially for these challenges we have developed a comprehensive concept as well as suitable video types in order to convey the respective message of the company to the target group through our video content. 


We have captured this concept in a corporate video guide of more than 40 pages, in which we developed and illustrated our extensive and sophisticated strategy for the complete visual appearance in the area of moving images of the company. 


It was particularly important to us to create a recognition value by means of a uniform design, a specially developed sound logo and defined colour and image concepts. 


This runs through all the video types we have designed. Regardless of whether it is an image movie, animated film or short fact clip; all videos follow this fixed scheme which is coordinated with PATRIZIA… 


…and because we’ve really thought of everything, we also deal with the distribution of the content we produce. Because which content and which format works best on which platform is crucial for success with users. 

In our communication strategy we have focused on a modern and trustworthy visual language. In addition, we use detailed shots, infographics and slow motions in our videos to emphasize the importance of individual characteristics such as trust, innovation and emotional closeness. The diversity and richness of the company’s experiences are portrayed through rapid image changes and different camera perspectives. 


We implicitly convey different values via a visual channel without boring the audience with PR monologues. 

The user’s attention and concentration span has been greatly reduced by the flood of information on the Internet. So in order to be able to bring you on board with our video content anyway, we rely on Emotionally Charged Video Communication. This means that every video that we design for PATRIZIA has an emotional reference. We create this, for example, through people who communicate directly with the viewers via image presence, gestures and facial expressions. 

In our video produced in London about the MSCI Award, we manage to establish a more personal contact through the introduction of a selected employee and thus give the company a face that appears likeable and professional. 


We also visually enhance animated and informative videos, as here for the PATRIZIA Insight format, with dynamic images and expressive colors. In addition to the vivid visual language, the emotional reference should not be missing here either. Particularly in the complex subject area of fund and real estate management, it is helpful to respond directly to the viewers and to report on topics relevant to everyday life here as well. 


With our professional and comprehensive development of video content, we can also design the perfect video communication strategy for your company. We are happy to assist you with advice and support. You can also find more video productions and projects of ZEHNTAUSENDGRAD on our website. 

Just contact us for further information and otherwise: stay tuned!