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PATRIZIA and ZEHNTAUSENDGRAD: Empty Cities – the emotional video series

Cities represent the center of society – and this has probably never been more evident than now, with the Corona pandemic is raging all over the world.

Within the framework of cooperation with PATRIZIA AG, ZEHNTAUSENDGRAD traveled to four countries on two continents to capture a mood picture – what do cities look like during a lockdown? The result is an impressive, emotional, tragic and beautiful video series featuring breathtaking footage. 

PATRIZIA brings life to cities

As Europe’s leading real estate investment company, PATRIZIA is aware of its responsibility to improve the quality of life for future generations. With more than 800 employees at 24 locations on four continents, the Augsburg-based company stands for globalization, diversity and the modern way of life. Every day, PATRIZIA contributes with first-class services to ensure that cities are full of life and communities are positively impacted.

36 after founding, PATRIZIA has experienced and mastered many a crisis. The company knows what matters in times of uncertainty: people. 

To clarify this, PATRIZIA has launched the video series “Empty Cities” with its strategic video partner ZEHNTAUSENDGRAD.

ZEHNTAUSENDGRAD produces tragic and beautiful videos

For the video series, the power team from ZEHNTAUSENDGRAD – which maintains offices in Augsburg and London – has been on the spot in five countries on two continents: In addition to Augsburg, the video powerhouse also shot in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, the Danish capital Copenhagen and the global metropolises of London and New York.

ZEHNTAUSENDGRAD filmed in the streets, in front of landmarks and flew with drones over the cities scratching the sky. The breathtaking footage paints the picture of eerily deserted streets, empty shops and echoing and desolate squares.

With the extraordinary shots, the Videopowerhouse has produced a unique video for each city that is hard to beat in terms of emotionality. The videos with a length of around a minute can be described as tragically und beautiful – goosebumps guaranteed.

Cities wait for the return of life

In the “Empty Cities” video series, it becomes clear what element is missing from cities around the world during the Corona pandemic: people. Without them, cities form a memory of faded glory. It becomes clear that there is otherwise a lot of life and energy hidden behind the steel, concrete and glass of the buildings. Cities are handcraftet by humans and they need every single of them.

The atmospheric videos show cities waiting for life to return. They are waiting for the noise, the crowds and the unlimited possibilities. And we wait with them.

You are interested in communication via videos? We at ZEHNTAUSENDGRAD are happy to assist you as a strategic partner in the medium of video. The Videopowerhouse translates brand messages into relevant content for various channels. Our homebase is in the heart of Augsburg, Germany, with a location in London. Storytelling. Performance. Advertising. From the initial idea to the successful campaign – we advise, create strategies, style guides, concepts and videos. Whether image films, teasers, commercials, 2D and 3D animations or social media content – we accompany our clients from the beginning to the release.

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