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The marketing trends for a VERY special Christmas

The racks of supermarkets have long since filled with gingerbread, cookies and mulled wine. The message is clear: Christmas is just around the corner. Therefore, it is time for companies in all other industries not to fall into a pre-winter slumber, but to reach the customers through the latest marketing trends. The fact is that the corona pandemic has accelerated the digital change, caused many surprising trends, and caused quite a whirl through the advertising industry. The medium of video stands at the center of the changes, creating exciting and diverse possibilities.

Online shopping is more in demand than ever

Almost no other business has gone through such big change caused by recent developments as the shopping industry. In a consumer study conducted by the software review portal Capterra, 46 percent of the interviewed persons stated that the corona virus has significantly changed their shopping behavior. It´s obvious, where the trend is heading: towards online shopping. The reason ist hat people are spending a whole lot more time at home than usual.

In almost all European countries, online sales accounted for around 30 percent of total retail sales between April and June 2020. This astronomical value suggests that this could not just be a trend, but a long-term change. This assumption is reinforced by the fact that even after the relaxation of the corona regulations, the number of customers in the stores is not in the same spheres as it was before the pandemic.

The trend is: for take away please. Therefore, it is more important than ever for all companies to realize a professional and creative online strategy. In doing so, they should rely on strategic partners who are familiar with the latest trends in the advertising industry.

Retail apps are on the rise

A glimmer of hope for the troubled retail sector can be seen in the universe of apps. Already at last year’s Christmas season, a clear trend towards retail apps was evident in the download behavior of the smartphone users. Back then, almost 40 percent of consumers said they would use such an app.

This year the trend seems to be confirmed. This is a good sign for the retail trade, because customers – who own a store´s app – spend more money on average at the retailer, buy more often and – above all – more items.

All retail businesses should therefore capitalize apps with a good strategy, informing customers on a daily basis and retaining them through emotional advertising. Videos that can be integrated into the apps in creative campaigns are particularly suitable for this. In the medium of video, there is anyway an exciting trend that could determine the shopping industry in the coming years.

Shoppable Videos

We are talink about the so-called Shoppable Videos. They enable the customer not only to see a video about a product, but also to order it directly in the video. Usually, the videos are linked to the homepage of the supplier and directly to the advertised product.

Shoppable videos are already considered the future of online shopping and are firmly established, especially in the fashion industry. Good news for other industries: All products of the world can be sold with the trend. An example? The French supermarket Intermarché successfully advertises carrots with a Shoppable Video. So why not also advertise gingerbread, cookies and mulled wine?

People want to try something

The next good news: There are more good news for all smaller companies and brands: This Christmas season people are less loyal to the big brands and are more willing to try something than in recent years. Around 50 percent definitely want to shop at a retailer they do not know.

The video platform YouTube plays a particularly important role in the decision making. Last season, around 80 percent of consumers said that they obtain information about retailers and products via YouTube and Google’s search function.

A good video marketing strategy is therefore essential for each ambitious company. On the one hand in order to be present on YouTube and to draw attention by a modern advertising campaign on itself. And in addition to rank better in Google search.

Gifts become more personal

In modern times, in which people spend more time at home, they are also much more concerned about gifts. Especially since many birthday parties and family celebrations could not be held, it is a big matter for many people to bring joy to the dearest.

Companies can respond to this situation by offering consumers targeted suggestions from their product range and sections of the website where gift ideas are presented. Even entire Christmas gift campaigns promise great success with the right strategic partner.

The traditions become more important

In recent months, surprising trends have caused sensations in the advertising industry. In March 2020, the worldwide airtime of videos with coffee recipes tripled. In the early summer, interest in pizza ovens rised sharply in the UK.

Since the Christmas season will also be marked by the corona virus, falling into a true Christmas mood will probably not be as easy as it has been recently. That could set the next trend, because in recent months people have obviously been trying to bring home what they otherwise consume in restaurants, cafes and other establishments. In this Christmas season this could apply to suitable decoration, Christmas cookies and other goodies. Each enterprise has the chance to create the next unusual trend by creative advertisement.

There is no time to lose

The attractive marketing trends – promised by the coming Christmas – offer advertisers great and diverse opportunities. Some of these trends may not only be temporary, but even evolve into a long-term model. The lucrative Christmas business can be seen as an investment in the future.

Since Christmas is also a celebration of feelings and emotions, companies should definitely work with a professional partner in their campaigns and strategies who knows how to translate content into emotional messages for customers. The medium video – which plays a decisive role in each of the trends – is best suited for this. If the medium is understood in a task-relevant solution context, product, brand and emotions can be ideally linked.

In any case, entrepreneurs should not wait too long with their campaigns, because many consumers will probably complete their Christmas shopping earlier than in recent years. One reason for this is that they have more time to think about the gifts. Another is, that many people will give away their gifts before Christmas, as they may not be able to meet with elderly and vulnerable relatives at Christmas.

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